The following resources were created by MEIC members and partners to use in training of volunteers for State of Michigan and Local income taxes for Tax Year 2014. While these resources are free to use and access, we ask that you respect the work of our volunteer members and do not use these training materials for any for-profit use. If you find value in these resources, we also ask that you consider joining the MEIC. Membership is free and helps support free tax and asset building practitioners and policy in Michigan.


November 19, 2014 Presentation Slides or Handouts
City Tax Presentation (Updated after the Training) (PDF)
Total Household Resources Slides MEIC 11.19.2014 (PDF)


Training Resources
Michigan Starter Exercises TY2014 MEIC version (PDF)
State-and-City-Optional-Test 2013 Tax Year (PDF) 
Michigan Home Heating & Property Tax Problems TY2014 (PDF)
4491W State&Local Supplements for BASIC 11.19.2014 (PDF)
4491W State&Local Supplement for ADVANCED 11.19.2014 (PDF)
Pub 4491 W 2014 FEDERAL RETURN IRS Revised Answers – 12.11.2014(MS Excel)
Sample W-2 (MS Word)


Tax Site Resources
MEIC State Intake Sheet TY2014 (Doc)
Federal (IRS) Web Links (PDF)
Bank-Numbers-Native 2014 (Doc)
Property Tax Search Online (PDF)


Training Videos
MEIC Tax Year 2013 Training Videos
Michigan Department of Education, 2013 Income Tax Update Videos


Affordable Care Act Training Resources
IRS ACA Webpage 
Center on Budget & Policy Priorities Resources & Webinars