The following resources were created by MEIC members and partners to use in training of volunteers for State of Michigan and Common Form City income taxes for Tax Year 2017. While these resources are free to use and access, we ask that you respect the work of our volunteer members and do not use these training materials for any for-profit use. If you make any changes to these documents (or come up with answers to any of the testing quizzes or supplements), please share them with Ross H. Yednock. If you find value in these resources, we also ask that you consider joining the MEIC. Membership is free and helps support free tax and asset building practitioners and policy in Michigan.

NOTE: The year in parentheses in the links of  MEIC member materials below indicate the most recent year in which the document was used during the MEIC State & City Tax Training.

Michigan Tax & Total Household Resources Presentation Slides or Handouts
THR Michigan Issues PowerPoint (2017) (PDF)
THR Quizzes & LivingSituations PowerPoint (2017) (PDF)
Income & Deductible Chart from 2015 Taxpayer Assistance Manual (PDF)
RAB_2015-18_Income_Tax-Household_Resources_Defined_502159_7 (PDF)
Form-5049 (PDF)

Previous Year Presentations
THR Michigan Issues PowerPoint (2016) (PDF)
Living Situations PowerPoint (2016) (PDF)
Cathy & Karl Scenario Handout (2016) (PDF)
Taxslayer_& Michigan Returns Handout (2016) (PDF)

City (Common Form) Resources Presentation Slides or Handouts from November 17, 2017

City Tax PowerPoint Presentation (2017) (MS PowerPoint)
City Part Year Residents Worksheet (2017) (MS Excel)
City Part Year Residents Worksheet Example 1 (2017) (MS Excel)
City Part Year Residents Worksheet Example 2 (2017)
 (MS Excel)
Google Drive Folder with Examples in .jpg format
Michigan City Exemption Handout (2017) (MS Word)
Top 10 Mistakes Filing a City Return (2017) (PDF)


ITIN & Legslative Changes to 1098-T
Marshal Hunt Presentation Handout (2016) (PDF)

Training Exercises
DEAR IRiS Overview (2017) (MS Word)
DEAR IRiS Letters (2017) (MS Word)
Answers to Dear Iris Letters (2017) (MS Word)
MI Credits Starter Exercises TY 2015 (2014) (PDF) Note: This test references Taxwise
State-and-City-Optional-Test 2013 Tax Year (2014) (PDF) 
MI Home Heating & Property Tax Problems TY 2015 (2015) (PDF)  Note: This test references Taxwise


Sample Intake Tax Documents 
Sample W-2 (MS Word)
Peterson W-2 (MS Word)
Peterson 1099-R (MS Word)
Peterson SSA-1099 (MS Word)
Peterson Winter 2017 taxes (MS Word)
Peterson Summer 2017 taxes (MS Word)
Peterson Notes (PDF)
Peterson Consumers Energy Bill (PDF)


Tax Site Resources
MEIC State Sheet Intake TY17 (2017 Version) (PDF)
****Link to download MS Publisher Version
MEIC State Intake Sheet TY17 (2016 Version) (MS Word)
EITC-ACTC-Delay Flyer for 2018 Tax Season (PDF)
****Link to Spanish (and English) Version created by Community Action of Montgomery County MD
Property Tax Search Online (2017) (PDF)
Self Employment Organizer (2017) (MS Word)
IRS Common Links (2017) (MS Word) 
Entering Bank Account Info (2016) (MS Word)
MI Pension Chart (2017) (MS Word)
MI Treasury Pay with Direct Debit Handout (2016) (MS Word)
How to Request Past Year Transcripts Michigan & IRS (2016) (MS Word)
Information on Michigan Veteran Resources & Tax Tip (2016) (MS Word)
Affordable Care Act Helpful Information Sheet (2016) (MS Word)
Michigan limit-updates (2016) (MS Word)
MEIC Website List and Listserv User Guide (2017) (MS Word)
Helpful Website Page Handout (2017) (MS Word)

Training Video Resources
West Michigan VITA Training Page with Video Modules (2016) Thank you for Sharing, West Michigan VITA.
Taxpayer Opportunity Network Training Dropbox (2015) Thank you Taxpayer Opportunity Network