Michigan Economic Impact Coalition Member Memorandum of Agreement

  • As members of the Michigan Economic Impact Coalition (MEIC), we agree to work together to meet the mutually agreed upon goals and objectives of the coalition that increase access to free tax assistance and financial empowerment tools and services to help Michigan residents achieve sustainable financial security. Signing this agreement signifies my/our membership in the MEIC and affirms acceptance to work collectively to advance the Mission and Vision of the MEIC. Overview/Purpose This collaboration of practitioners, advocates, local coalitions, nonprofit and for-profit organizations will be focused on increasing access to free tax assistance and financial empowerment tools and services for Michigan residents. MEIC members will work collaboratively to create measurable outcomes for all low- to moderate-income families in Michigan and strive to avoid duplication of effort and maximize resources and impact. MEIC members will work with CEDAM to advance the following Mission and Vision: Mission: To empower Michigan residents to achieve financial stability and prosperity through a culture of economic opportunity and the use of free tax preparation, advocacy, education, and collaboration through strategic partnerships. Vision: Michigan households will be financially stable and empowered through access to free tax preparation, quality financial products and services, and other resources that build assets, increase income, and reduce debt. Roles CEDAM will serve as the host organization and the convener for the MEIC. MEIC members will work collaboratively through Working Committees designed to further the Mission and Vision of the MEIC and advance changes in policy that increase access to free tax assistance and asset-building opportunities for Michigan families and support the work of MEIC members, practitioners and partners. MEIC Member Expectations As a member of the MEIC, I agree to adhere to the following member expectations: • To have a willingness to commit to work collaboratively on stated goals as opposed to advocating solely in the interests of the agency I represent. • To proactively stay aware of similar collaborative efforts and seek to partner, where appropriate, with other regional, statewide and national efforts. • To provide information regarding my expertise in free tax preparation assistance and asset-building and input on how the MEIC may improve the work I do, increase the scope of services my organization provides and build my organization’s capacity to better assist our clients ability to achieve sustainable financial security. • To commit to actively working in collaboration with other MEIC members to help move forward the goals set forth in the MEIC policy agenda and MEIC Mission and Vision. This may include time and/or resources. • To communicate to the MEIC information on programs, funding or policies that are relevant to the overall goals. • To actively participate, attend meetings, provide feedback and help carry out the work of Working Committees. As a member of the MEIC, CEDAM, agrees to adhere to the expectations noted above and: • To function as the convener for the group. • To act as the fiduciary for the MEIC when funding opportunities become available. • To provide access to reasonable support to assist with outcome measurement, building partnerships, training opportunities and other types of policy assistance. • To act as a clearinghouse for asset-building information that benefits practitioners and the families they serve. • In collaboration with partners, to market efforts on a regional and statewide basis. • To connect partners, upon request or through an online resource created for this project.